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Gourmet Coffee Blog

Our friendly Fresco Gourmet Coffee  staff

Our friendly Fresco Gourmet Coffee staff

Welcome to the Fresco Gourmet Coffee blog. We’ll be using this as a forum to discuss a whole range of subjects relating to the coffee and tea industries, from different coffee growing regions of the world to Fair Trade, and even health issues

We’ll also be using it to keep you up to date on latest activities and developments within our own coffee and tea product lines, giving you some invaluable insights and fabulous tips and recommendations along the way

But for those of you to whom we might be new, we thought it best to start with a few words about why you would even want to listen to us in the first place.

Well the first thing you should know is that we are absolutely passionate about great gourmet coffee. We first got into this industry very much as a labour of love, and embarked on a journey of exploration and education, which led us to where we are today, selling a vast array of ranges of flavoured coffees and exotic specialty and world coffee beans from some of the most exciting and expert growing regions on the planet
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