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The beneficial relationship between coffee and exercise


The benefits of coffee and exercise

In this the last of our January series of blogs relating to the various positive health issues of tea and coffee, we take a look at the relationship between coffee and exercise, and some of the benefits they offer together. We have touched on this in brief in a couple of our other articles about the wider health benefits of coffee in general, but here we look at it in a little more detail

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Health Benefits of Coffee

We often hear about the negative effects of coffee on one’s health but fromhealth-benefits-coffee

the latest scientific research, there are some major health benefits of coffee.

Providing that consumption does not exceed 400mg caffeine/day (on average 5 cups depending on the type of coffee and the way it is made), coffee can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balance diet and active lifestyle.

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The health benefits of Green Tea by Fresco Gourmet Coffee and Tea

So, its time to welcome in the new year. That time, after all the festivities and excesses are over, when we find ourselves full of resolutions and good intentions about living a healthier lifestyle

This in itself is no bad thing, but whilst the fad diets and crazy ‘celebrity detoxes’ may rather rapidly fall by the wayside as we quickly realise that there is no fun in such self-inflicted torture (not to mention any real proof that many of them actually work) there are still simple steps we can take which can yield great results and which are much easier to stick to longer term

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