An introduction to Mate Tea by Fresco Gourmet Tea & Coffee

Our latest blog is the last in our series exploring the variety of loose leaf teas which you may be yet to experience. In this one we are looking at Mate Tea, an introduction to what it is, how it is made, an insight into its taste and characteristics and the various benefits it offers

Mate Tea is by origin a traditional South American drink, and is still one of the most popular brews in a number of South American countries, as well as gaining popularity in many other tea drinking countries beyond. It is in fact considered the national drink in several of these South American countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia and has strong social connotations – Mate Tea is a common, popular drink at gatherings of families and friends

It is produced by steeping the dried leaves of a plant known as the Yerba Mate. Its preparation and consumption can vary from country to country and their associated customs and traditions, although one of the ways with which its consumption is most synonymous is to serve it in a vessel/container known as a Gourd and drink it through a metal straw, often referred to as a Bombilla

Mate Tea is a caffeine rich infusion with flavoured hints of vegetables and herbs, and whilst its taste is distinct, it can be said to be comparable in some ways to certain variants of Green Tea. Some people also like to add sugar or honey to Mate Tea when drinking it

Also in common with both Green Tea and some Herbal Teas, Mate Tea also offers some highly appealing health benefits to those who drink it:

It is high in antioxidants and therefore offers a welcome boost to the immune system for those who drink it regularly
It can also slow down several of the key signs of ageing, as well detoxifying the blood and can therefore potentially be instrumental in the prevention of various types of cancer

It can help control your weight by slowing your digestion, as well as boosting your metabolism to enable the faster burning of calories

It can heighten your focus and ability to concentrate by stimulating the central nervous system and provides additional energy, but critically without disrupting sleep as with some other forms of caffeine

It can also assist with your cardiovascular health due to the way it moves through your bloodstream, helping to preventing fat and cholesterol from accumulating on your artery walls, thus reducing the risk of blood clots and stroke as well as heart attack

It can also help build up your physical endurance and improve post-exercise recovery times as it helps prevent the build up of lactic acid in your muscles

Plenty of incentives then to give it a try, we’re sure you’ll agree. If this has grabbed your interest, then you’ll perhaps not be surprised to learn that as intrepid explorers of the wide world of Tea and Coffee, Fresco has sourced a couple of variations of Mate Tea that we were particularly taken with, so that you can take the plunge yourself

Within the loose leaf tea section of our web site, you will find both the original South American Mate Tea variant, and also our Lemon Flavoured Mate Tea, which is an infusion of the green Mate Tea but flavoured with lemongrass and lemon juice granules

So if you are feeling adventurous and fancy a change from your normal brew, as well as a few extra health benefits thrown into the bargain, then put Mate Tea on your world tour of teas. We’re sure you’ll soon be the best of errr, friends, in no time. Phew, managed to to get through the whole thing without cracking the obvious lame gag!Fresco Mate Tea