An introduction to Oolong Tea by Fresco Gourmet Tea & Coffee

In our blog last week we began looking at some of the different types of tea that there are out there for you to explore and try. We covered Black Tea, Green Tea and Fruit Tea. Following on from this we look at another tea which is rapidly gaining popularity amongst tea lovers and connoisseurs, namely Oolong Tea

We decided that as Oolong Tea may be newer to you than some of the other previously covered types and flavours, this one merited a section on its own

The name Oolong Tea (also sometimes known as ‘Wu Long’) when translated literally actually means Black Dragon Tea, although the origin of the name is believed to have more to do with the name of the person that discovered it (Wu Liang) rather than any direct connection with any exotic tales of Dragons

Whilst it may contain some similarities and common features with some of those other types of tea previously covered, the defining characteristics of Oolong Tea are that it is loose leaf tea, which is wilted, bruised and partially oxidised

Oolong Tea may share some common features, particularly with the Black and Green loose leaf teas, but from a taste perspective, they really don’t have that much in common at all. In fact where it really sets itself apart from the others is precisely in terms of its range of tastes and aromas. A well brewed cup of Oolong Tea is incredibly refreshing and unless brewed for too long displays practically no bitterness in taste, unlike some other teas

Obviously as with say wine, you can find a lot of variation in taste even within this specific type of tea, which can be influenced by different makers, growing regions and climate etc, from the milder forms such as Pouching, through the rich yet subtle mid-flavours such as Ti Kuan Yin, and onto to the much stronger teas which edge more towards certain black teas in feature and flavour

As with most types of loose leaf tea, Oolong Tea is also incredibly high in antioxidants which as we have previously touched upon can offer myriad health benefits from assisting with heart health to cancer prevention, mental wellbeing and even weight loss…as part of an overall well balanced diet/lifestyle of course, as the old caveat goes

Oolong Tea used to be mostly exclusive to places like Taiwan and China, and incredibly hard to get hold of, but this has progressively changed in recent years as word of its delicious and varied tastes and aromas, not to mention its numerous potential health benefits began to spread. It was particularly hard to get hold of in Britain, but now thanks to web sites and shops such as ours it has gradually become more widely available, and we are pleased to say that we have sourced one of the finest and tastiest types of Oolong tea for you to try in the comfort of your own home

Known as Formosa Oolong Tea, it originates from Taiwan and one of its defining characteristics is its fine silver tips. Formosa means beautiful, which is apt given the stunning surrounds in which it is grown. In terms of taste it is intense and quite spicy, and possesses quite an array of intoxicating aromas and fragrances

If you are a fan of loose leaf tea, we certainly encourage you to give it a try, and furthermore we’d be delighted to get your feedback as to what you think of it

Fresco formosa_oolong_ii_(1)

Oolong Tea from Fresco Gourmet Tea & Coffee

Anyway that’s it for this latest chapter. In one of the future installments of our adventures in tea, we will take a closer look at Herbal and Mate Teas