The Fresco Coffee Club by Fresco Gourmet Tea and Coffee

In this latest instalment of the Fresco Gourmet Tea and Coffee blog, as we’ve been asked about it a lot just lately, we thought we’d give you a little more information on the Fresco Coffee Club, its benefits and how to join

The Fresco Coffee Club is a great idea for anyone who loves their coffee and is constantly seeking out new tastes and flavours to indulge this passion, and who maybe also welcomes the idea of being surprised by new suggestions. A membership is of course also an ideal gift for any friend, family member or loved one who may fit this description (hint – Mother’s Day is fast approaching)

In a nutshell, a subscription to the Fresco Coffee Club means that every month we will send to you, or your chosen recipient, our selected coffee of the month for you to experience. We are always careful to select those which we feel will most delight our ardent coffee connoisseurs and which we have had the most enthusiastic feedback about

Once you’ve signed up for your chosen initial membership period, you don’t need to do anything else. You can sit back safe in the knowledge that your precious coffee supplies will be replenished every month with a new and exciting variety or flavour to try

Of course along the way, as part of being a member of the Fresco Coffee Club, you may discover one of your own particular personal favourites. If this is the case and you wish to buy further of any particular coffee, an extra benefit of being a member is that you are also entitled to an additional 10% off any further orders you might make.
All sounds like a rather good deal if you’re a committed coffee lover who likes to treat their taste buds to regular new experiences

You can sign up to The Fresco Coffee Club  for either a six month or a twelve month initial subscription. Prices start from £20.94 for a six month subscription and £41.88 for a twelve month subscription. You can select the quantity of coffee you wish to be sent each month, which will affect the price accordingly. The minimum quantity is 100g per month which is as per the prices above. You also have the option to select whether we send you ground coffee or coffee beans

As part of being a member, you also have the option for us to send you details of special club deals and any new products or promotions which might be appropriate to you. Furthermore, we will also add a £5 Fresco Gift Voucher to your account for any subsequent new members that you recommend or refer

Fresco coffee club

Fresco Coffee Club

To become a member, or indeed to secure an original and thoughtful gift for someone you know, use this link below and we can have you simply and easily signed up in no time, using our secure payment system

We look forward to welcoming you to the club!

To join, or for more information, click here