Guide to Grinding your coffee beans

Guide to grinding you own Coffee Beans

Nothing beats freshly ground coffee beans, the aroma they give off is simply delicious.  Here at Fresco Gourmet Coffee we sell all our coffee and flavoured coffee in beans, espresso, filter and cafetiere grind.  If you are just starting out grinding your own coffee we thought we would put together a simple how to grind coffee beans guide.

morphy richards arc bean grinde

morphy richards arc bean grinder

You can use a pestle and mortar, rolling pin and bag, or even a meat tenderising mallet to grind your coffee beans, but if we’re honest, they take time, make mess and using a proper grinder just makes it so much easier.  The advantage of grinding your coffee means that your coffee will keep a little longer, beans tend to be fresher for longer.

We sell electric  and vintage grinders to grind you perfect blend, so let’s start with that what time of grind do you need?

It depends on what gadget/machine you are using to make your coffee:

  • Percolator = coarse grind
  • Cafetiere = coarse grind
  • Drip Filter = fine grind
  • Moka Pit/Stove Top = fine grind
  • Espresso = super fine grind
  • Turkish = very, very fine grind

Electric coffee grinders

Electric coffee grinders work 2 ways, blade or burr. Blade coffee grinders tend to be cheaper.  They work by cutting and smashing the coffee beans up between the blades. You can also use electric grinders for nuts and spices.  Our grinders start from just £13.00

Burr coffee grinders

Burr coffee grinders crush rather than cut the coffee beans so you get a more even grind from a burr grinder. Our favourite is the Morphy Richards Arc Bean Grinder.

Hand Grinders – Our vintage range

These rely on manual work to grind the beans.  Time consuming, but a quality grinder can produce an excellent result. As hand grinders do not heat up with coffee bean there is minimal impact on the flavour. Our customers like the control they have over the grind when using a hand coffee bean grinder, they also like the theatre and ritual involved!

Our vintage grinder range starts are just £9.95 so they are really cost effective, they look great in the kitchen as well.

So what are you waiting for order your coffee beans and grinder from us today