Last minute Valentines Day ideas for the Coffee lover in your life

Forgive us if the latest instalment in our series of blogs is a little more overtly commercial than usual. But let’s face it, time is running out, its nearly Valentines Day and if you’re still on the look-out for little last minute gifts or tokens of love for the coffee lover in your life, its probably better if we just get straight to the point

The good news that if you are, we have a few ideas and options which may nicely complement or complete any collections of gifts that you have been getting together, or indeed enhance any Valentines Day Fresco valentines daysurprises you have planned

Coffee may not be the immediate thing that springs to mind when thinking of romantic gestures. But what if you are planning a romantic meal? Its sometimes the little touches that can make all the difference

What coffee are you planning to serve with or after the meal? If you’ve gone to a great deal of trouble, a hastily boiled instant brew might be seen as somewhat letting the side down and detracting from all that effort you’ve gone to, and spoiling the overall effect. A far more appropriate idea might be either our Amore coffee, our Champagne D’amour coffee, or our Indulgence coffee

The Amore coffee is an Italian dark roast with a hint of spice, the Champagne D’Amour is as the name might suggest a beautiful flavoured Champagne coffee, and the Indulgence coffee is a gorgeous, creamy chocolate flavoured coffee. All far more befitting to accompany a lovingly prepared Valentines feast or banquet

If its just those extra ‘silly little gifts’ you might be looking for to show your feelings a little further, then we may also have the answer, such as our big heart mugs and big heart espresso cups and saucers

If the gift is for an already committed coffee lover then more appropriate might be one of our Valentines Coffee and Grinder sets. Already wrapped, the gift set includes Passionata coffee, an Andrew James coffee grinder and some Valentine chocolates

On a similar theme, maybe you (or they) might prefer the Valentines Coffee gift bask for him or indeed the Valentines Coffee gift basket for her. Again both come in a wrapped gift box (with a bow!) and both include Amour, Indulgence and Passion coffee

If your coffee is as a gift as opposed to a final flourish to your own Valentines preparations, then we also provide you with the option to include a personalised message with your gift or order, which if placed in good time can still be with you in time for the big day

We hope these little ideas give you some final bits of inspiration in ensuring that its a day (and night)to remember. Don’t forget we are always on hand to give help and advice. On the tea, coffee and gifts that is, that other slushy stuff  you’ll have to figure out yourself 🙂