My Herbal Tea Journey – Can I make the switch?

Is Herbal Tea just for hippy’s or people trying to be healthy for a day then you go back to full on builders tea? I admit I was sceptical, I love tea, I drink it in the morning (English Breakfast), lunch (Assam Flush Bateli Black)  and Irish Cream Black Tea in the evening. Always with milk always one sugar (I am from Yorkshire), but herbal tea……………..not so sure, I need the pick me up and what is herbal tea, just flavoured water right? In the pursuit of research I went on an herbal tea journey (sound like a hippy already!)

herbal tea

herbal tea

Apparently Herbal Tea has medical qualities so after some research I tried Chamomile Blossoms Herbal Tea as I have trouble sleeping some nights. Chamomile in the main ingredient in “sleepytime” teas, this is because chamomile contains tryptophan and amino acid known for its tranquilising effects, when taken in an infusion can help us relax and promote sleep.  The first night I replaced my usual tea I didn’t feel that much of a difference, however I do think that is because I was “waiting” for it to work.  Day 3 of the trial and I definitely fell asleep much easier and slept uninterrupted for longer, now it has become a regular bedtime drink that I cannot do without!

Next on the list was Fresco Fancy Fennel Herbal Tea, apparently it is good for constipation, colic and it is a great detox drink as it is a diuretic as it encourages you to pee! The main benefit that attracted me was clearer skin.  I swapped my mid-morning usual brew for the Fennel tea and after 2 weeks it has definitely made a difference to my skin, and it tastes lovely.

Lastly I tried Peppermint Herbal Tea.  It is a traditional remedy for nausea and vomiting.  I just liked the fresh minty taste and it was great after a particularly heavy meal as it aids digestion.

So after a month of trying these Herbal Tea, yes I am a convert, I will not be dumping my usual teas anytime soon, but now I like to mix it up a little and have a health benefits to my drink!